Princess healing

Tears-of-Regret by morgan pace

Feelings betray her

she struggles to reign them in

tears release her pain




10 thoughts on “Princess healing

  1. Allison says:

    Princess needs to get out and have some fun!

  2. This was me this weekend. This is me so many times. My weekends are so lonely. During the week I am full of life because of work, then the week comes and I am struck by reality of being home by myself and by my own thoughts. Reality of being alone with my thoughts, alone with my emotions. but emotions are good right? They do wash some pain away…but damn it hurts…

    • janineyork says:

      It really does hurt. I know that they are necessary and they will end, but when they are still fresh they sting so much. I hope yours go by quickly and you are seeing things clearly soon. One of my favorite quotes is by Khalil Gibran about feeling love and avoiding it I paraphrase “you may not cry all of your tears, but neither will you laugh all of your laughter” I guess we have to feel all of our emotions to truly get the most of life. Even when we don’t like it damn it! 😉

  3. This one is especially rich and moving, and the artwork you chose underlines the emotion perfectly. Sadly, it’s deeply relatable to almost all of us, I suspect.

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