My daughter, she is my light and love.

My daughter, she is my light and love.

/>pad2013 I committed to a Haiku a day for Post a Day 2013. It feels like a thread back to myself. These are humorous takes on the things my life has taught me about fairytales, and the lies they set me up to believe for many years. There are many lessons, just usually not what they seem. I feel that someway I want to undo the fallacies that tell women that they have to be saved by some mythical character called Prince. I also want to relieve men of the feeling that they are designed only to save women and they do not need the same understanding and care as all humans do. We all save each other at one point or another, no matter the gender. This is just my take. I hope that you enjoy, even if you still believe the unfair gender role pressures, at least maybe you will get a laugh.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Uzoma says:

    Hello Janine. Such a lovely blog you have here! I’ve been reading some of your posts today, but shall return to make comments on them when I begin to blog again.

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