Outremont residents want convicted serial rapists kicked out of building

Women in Quebec learn this face and beware!!!!

Global News

OUTREMONT – Roberto Macin says he does not feel safe inside his Outremont apartment building since he found out two of his neighbours are convicted serial rapists from California.

The young father of two lives a few doors down from the unit occupied by George and Stefan Spitzer.

Macin says he is mobilizing neighbours to have the twin brothers kicked out.

“They are not alleged rapists,” Macin told Global News.

“They were convicted in the United States for their crimes.”

Macin says he is putting pressure on the Quebec Rental Board and is also organizing a petition.

A employee from Olymbec, the company which manages of the building in question, says it has received several calls from residents who are demanding action.

“I’m a student living by myself,” says 18-year-old Youssra Koudia.

“I feel less secure.”

In the 1990’s, the Spitzer brothers were found guilty of assaulting several women from…

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