Prince Blade Runner

South Africa’s prince

Symptoms are excused for him. . .

Cautionary tale

george mcclements


5 thoughts on “Prince Blade Runner

    • janineyork says:

      How stupid, I actually thought it was Australia!! I do not know why???? Thank you for the correction!! Wow, just wow!!

      • The rich and famous can get away with anything. OJ (murder) Michael Jackson (child molestation), Pistorius (murder), Tony Blair (war crimes), George Bush (war crimes) …

      • janineyork says:

        Do not even get me started on the government deceit and corruption. Democracy is such a farce!!! Using war as a political tactic to stimulate a failing economy and gain access to oil. I just get so disappointed when judges are persuaded by money to allow injustice. These high profile cases of clear domestic violence send such a terrible message to all those watching. Greed may very well destroy the world. How many zeros will it take to ever fill their empty souls?

      • You are clear sighted. And absolutely correct. Bright as well as attractive. Smiles.

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