Prince Sociopath

Lies are his forte. . .

says you’re the love of his life

ImageHe’s found his new prey

8 thoughts on “Prince Sociopath

  1. sazxix says:

    Interesting. It reminds me of a friend of mine who often makes many relationships within months

  2. Dilip says:

    What you say is real and true but a woman who is anchored to her ‘inner-self’ can never be snared!

    • janineyork says:

      The problem is the loving and anchoring to my inner self. The one good thing that came from this heartbreak. I am learning through meditation, writing, reading, and creative outlets to love myself again. To really know my inner self. So in the end, I win. 🙂

      • Dilip says:

        You are right its certainly not easy. Creative outlets and believing in ourselves is also a practical meditation. Wonder if you’ve read the book Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle? You will love it.
        Kind regards 🙂

      • janineyork says:

        I have the book. Started reading it. I will read it again. Thanks for the advice!! Love and Light!! Janine

  3. reocochran says:

    So many books written about this kind of man, it is all a game and such a tragedy. It hurts and takes a lot out of us, I don’ t ‘spring back’ like I used to! Smiles and hugs, Robin

    • janineyork says:

      Me either Robin. I remember Brittany’s father was exactly like this. We were no together very long because of it. And because of his lack of remorse or guilt, he never visited or helped raise her. I was lucky to get Brittany and it was well worth the confusing lesson. I do not know this creature, or it’s ways. I could not understand. I am as dumbfounded now. I am equally as happy to be free of him. As this type of man never finds true love, they are too insecure deep down. But I am gonna keep working on me and I will come back better, kinda gave me a little fire back to succeed at some new goals. Anyway, I hope that you are well!! Love and light!! Janine

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