4 thoughts on “That which does not kill us. . .

  1. reocochran says:

    It is sad to think of you feeling alone and wishing the guy from the past, had not bothered you again. You were healing and will get stronger, again, my dear! I believe in you and am grateful of this place where you pour your heart out! Hugs, Robin

  2. janineyork says:

    Well I have a feeling I needed the push. I needed to believe I could feel love again, and I did. Even if he was a liar and it wasn’t real for him, it was for me. That is the important lesson. I had stopped believing it was possible. I now have hope again, he did not kill that, he just injured my heart. My heart will heal when my mind reveals the complete truth of who and what he was. He will be but a memory or a bad person I encountered. I believe in falling in love again, that is something that I had given up on. So I win, he loses. End of story. Big hugs back!!!! Janine

    • reocochran says:

      I am so glad to check out these words, again. Janine, that is a valuable lesson, to know your heart can fall in love again. That you can feel love, know love and believe in the possibility is how I keep on going! Thanks for your sharing this part of the picture, with me! He definitely lost a wonderful ‘catch’ and you deserve better! Thanks for the big hugs back! “Ditto!” Robin

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