Stop thief!!!!

Stolen by my fears. . .

first hours, next days, then years.Image

Today I face you.


Artist: Pino Daeni


9 thoughts on “Stop thief!!!!

  1. Eric Alagan says:

    Face up, face down and see fear cringe from your gaze

    • janineyork says:

      Nice Eric, I will remember this. I was just on my way over to catch up on Fallen Grace. I have been so busy, but couldn’t wait to catch up with Daniel!

  2. Dilip says:

    Touching and sensitive Janine!
    Thanks 🙂

  3. reocochran says:

    I hope that you can always face your fears or whoever hurt you, if you want to, I have decided that I won’t face my recent ex. I took 21 years to meet a man who hurt me, we went to dinner with my youngest daughter. I chose after he fooled around when she was only 6 months old, to leave my second husband and NOT take child support nor ship my little baby back and forth. My first marriage’s 2 children I did ship but it wasn’t unfaithfulness but youth and growing apart that caused that. When my youngest and I went to see second husband last summer she was only 26 had seen him at age 5… she got up and took her meal “to go!”
    She said later that she felt blessed to have been “only mine” and that she would not have wanted to see that “arrogant man who was my Dad on a bi-monthly visitation!”

    • janineyork says:

      I made the same decision with my daughter when her father started to allow his alcoholism to hurt her. He would make plans to pick her up and then not show. After three times I decided no more. She was five and unfortunately he died from his disease when she was eleven. She is a strong, kind, intelligent, accomplished, and beautiful woman now. She thanks me all of the time for not subjecting her to that abuse. It would have set her up forever to expect and accept the wrong kind of relationships with men. I think that one parent is so much better than two if it puts the child in a dysfunctional relationship, when they are too young to cope. I am sure you were a strong and loving mother who gave your child everything that she needed. It seems that the two of you have the same type of relationship that me and my daughter have, we are best friends. We lived together until she was out of college just a couple years ago. We still hang out at least a couple times a week and have a blast together. We are very close and I really don’t see any signs of damage from not having her father in her life. Sometimes we have to make the best call for the emotional health of our child. It is so good to hear from you again Robin. I have been very busy with life and haven’t been on my blog much. I am always happy to see that you have commented. I can’t wait to catch up on your blog! I hope things are well with you. Love and peace, Janine

  4. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Excellent. So few words, but says so much.

    • janineyork says:

      Thank you. Haiku are not as easy as they seem. I use the art and the titles to complete the thoughts usually. I am trying to get better so they are not needed. 🙂

  5. reocochran says:

    We are blessed, not only with family, but now with a new and budding friendship over miles and space. Not many have done this same thing, putting our children ahead of ourselves. I have two brothers and a father who were there at the time to help provide great male role models, Dad is gone and brothers stay in touch, holidays but they were there when needed. Felicia is my youngest daughter and I call her my “gift from God” and I do feel she is stronger because of not having a bad influence on her, she knew he made me cry. My first ex- was very kind and took her to the Bahamas when he and his wife took my other two. I could not have afforded that at the time! Take care and thanks for all the special comments on my blog! Keep in touch, girlfriend!

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