9 thoughts on “Princess reality

  1. janineyork says:

    How did that one take me so long to learn?

  2. gemini says:

    beautiful pic and poignant words 🙂

  3. Oh Janine!! This one hurts so bad!!!! I don’t want the clouds to lift… for I might see the truth of guy number 2 because my husband never loved me and neither does new guy…makes me wonder what is the matter with me….

  4. janineyork says:

    Nothing!!!!! It is what I mean by you must love you first. This one really traps everyone. It is human nature to want your love to be returned. When you love yourself you know that nothing is wrong with you, that maybe the two of you are just not the right fit. If you do not love yourself you will think it is you that is what’s wrong. I just had a similar problem. It caused a deep depression and very low self esteem. I would say you should start to do everything possible to show yourself love. I am still reading the book “Getting Past Your Breakup” by Susan Elliot. Find something like this to self heal. It is really hard though if you stay with someone who makes you feel unworthy by their love. I feel your pain. I have been through it and I know how much you have already been through. You are so funny and witty, you are a beautiful compassionate soul. You deserve to find someone who truly sees and appreciates this. I personally am happier alone than with someone who does not truly love and appreciate me. I wish you nothing but love and peace in your life, girl you deserve it!

  5. reocochran says:

    Such a true statement and yet, so few people remember to love themselves first. We are good givers but less are takers than we realize. Women particularly feel guilty of giving time or energy to their own needs and lives. You are so right in your comments too!

    • janineyork says:

      Yes we often fall prey to takers as women. We have to have confidence and learn to say no when it does not serve us. It is very hard for me, but I am finally learning to love myself.

  6. bdh63 says:

    These are such true words and comments. As a parent, I’m trying to teach my kids to love themselves in a way I was not taught. Trying to model the right behavior so their self-esteem will be solid has made me love myself more. We have to muzzle that hypercritical inner voice that seeks perfection and constantly sees ourselves falling short.

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