In a land far far away. . .


Pink skies blasting through


dark blue clouds of dying faith

reveal hope beyond



7 thoughts on “In a land far far away. . .

  1. Eric Alagan says:

    Hope fuels us to keep going

  2. Purnimodo says:

    “This too shall pass.” 🙂 Yay too hope!

    Much love,


  3. janineyork says:

    Hope is always near. 🙂 Just a story, a movie, a sunset, a walk in the woods, a poem, a shooting star, and so many more. You just have to look for it.

  4. Dilip says:

    Oh yes Hope is our sustenance to navigate us onwards. Thank you.

  5. reocochran says:

    I love the photograph and the thoughts you so carefully say. You have a good way of putting things!

    • janineyork says:

      You are the sweetest person. I am so glad that I am getting to know you through our blogging. Thank you so much for the compliment, you do not know how much it means. 🙂

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