3 thoughts on “Modern Day Kingdoms

  1. The world shrinks to the size of two screens touching.

  2. janineyork says:

    You say shrinks I say grows (semantics.) I guess eventually actual touching would become too wanting. Just wondering about the possibilities. My friend is married to a French-Canadian. It has become a stress on them after 6 years. I think they will move together soon. But they are soul mates and found each other miles away from one another. To truly find your other half, is that just a myth? That is the question that I so cynically address in my haiku.

  3. reocochran says:

    I was lucky to know my parents loved each other until the day my Dad died. Then, like a book or story, my Mom found his cards all tied up with a string a month after he died. He had gone to the card stores and bought 6 years of cards. Leading up to their 50th he knew he would not be there. I wrote about this, but it is true. She opened the last care in 2004 and it was a beautiful golden anniversary card. It had a personal message to her, some loving words to myself and brothers and then a row of ????s and he said, “to all the possibilities, I love you, too” (meaning grandkids and great grandkids.)
    Many people will tell you to Believe in the possibility of a forever love.

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