7 thoughts on “Princess Imagination

  1. There is always a reality. And it can be beautiful. Sometimes we dress it with illusion because we cannot accept it in itself. Then we are sad because we think something was being hidden, where as we ourselves have refused to accept a truth that we cannot quite make fit into our experience to date.

  2. janineyork says:

    I am afraid you are right. Looking back I did create the illusion and betray my common sense. When someone purposely confuses and manipulates reality to their own advantage and betrays your trust with lies there is little left about that reality that can be beautiful. Trust is gone, even friendship is hard. The truth that I fit into my reality is when your intuition tells you that someone is not being honest, trust it. Thank you, I do love the Fabian.

  3. I love the look on her face…ah ha!! You got me you son of a …..

  4. janineyork says:

    Yes it was perfect for the haiku. A picture is worth seventeen syllables haha!

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