Princess choice

It was her choice now:

focus on unleashing zen

orImage the opposite


Artist: Henry Asencio


2 thoughts on “Princess choice

  1. Janine,
    I really liked the way you laid down this Haiku. The first line is a hook, the second creating a spiral of suspense on what the other “or” will be, and the third creating a sense of ominous closure. The reader knows the choices, but they want to know which was chosen as well.
    That part was beautifully written.
    I simply have one tiny suggestion though–and it’s simply a suggestion–maybe you could place a colon (:) either at the end of the frist line to make the suspense last a bit longer and come in bolder? It would aslo separate your first statement from the rest that follows in the Haiku which in turn would make it easier for the reader. Just food for thought.

    In any case, I really enjoyed reading this one. Not many writers can take a theme such has suspense and condense it down to three lines.

    • janineyork says:

      So kind of you. I love suggestions, as my experience in writing was put on hold for quite a while after college. I am looking into taking a creative writing course to give me ideas. I love it and will use it. Thanks again, love and peace, Janine.

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