The Emperor’s New Clothes

Following blindly

 perceived societal rules


hinders seeking truth


Artist: Michael Logsdon




7 thoughts on “The Emperor’s New Clothes

  1. It does indeed. Sometimes following the rules we impose on ourselves does the same thing.

  2. janineyork says:

    Absolutely. I have always lived by the rule “I will try anything once, unless it is harmful.” You never know who you are and what you might love otherwise. Explore, explore, explore!

    • Raises an eyebrow. Truly?

      • janineyork says:

        I am very claustrophobic but I overcame the fear and became an avid diver to depths of 130 ft (while having panic attacks and using all my air haha). I am very afraid of heights but I Bungee jumped twice (enough to know I do not like this!) That’s not even going into my college years haha. I try things even when they scare me, just so I can truly know that I have lived. I like to push my limits if the payoff may be worth it. You doubt?

      • Smiles. Impressed. And almost convinced.

  3. Henry Jekyll says:

    Nice!! This is why I enjoy artistic expression. Poets can capture the essence of an idea and express it with beautiful simplicity. It takes us “left-brained loggerheads” 5000 words to say the same thing.

    • janineyork says:

      I guess I use both sides. I am practicing on succinctly saying what I am thinking. So thank you so much, this is such a compliment to me. I have always been told you need to be more concise when I write. I guess the practice is paying off. Peace and love! Janine

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