9 thoughts on “Prince Playboy

  1. There is much truth in this. There is a conceit that many of us have that we can somehow change a person through love. Or that they will change because of their love for us. And yet such change seldom takes place. We must be honest about who we are to others. And realistic in our expectations of others.

    • janineyork says:

      Exactly. We must accept people as they are, and choose from that if we will be happy with that love. I have fallen into this trap many times, and I always learn that a person does not change. That is what I meant yesterday by going in with your eyes open. You have to see what you are getting, and know what you need. If the person is not already that, then move on and save you both the heartache. I for example need security, so this kind of person is particularly upsetting to my heart.

      • Smiles. I fear you see similarities in this prince to me

      • janineyork says:

        No sir, I do not. I see you as a beautiful romantic, who truly believes in love and it’s many wonders and absolute necessity to happiness.

      • Thank you. You are right in that I am romantic and lost in love and beauty. And yet I have to admit that there is a dark yearning in me that will always see me as part predator. Although my prey is usually more than willing.
        Perhaps I paint myself badly, but I strive to be honest

      • janineyork says:

        Honesty is key here. The people who deceive others into believing that they are getting something different are the ones who are true predators. Yours is a disposition that one either agrees with or does not. Moral majority may say it is deviant, but who cares what they say and who put them in charge? If two people agree to something it is not harming either (except maybe a little sting 😉 ). So unless you are harming someone by deception or against their will then you are morally okay with me.

      • I feel I have passed some important test!
        Yet you are right. I might try to seduce, but not to deceive. And have never knowingly sought to hurt another. Yet I have, and been hurt too. It is the nature of relationships. But I would rather have suffered than not known the joy of connection

      • janineyork says:

        Well if you think of it as a test, I am sorry. It guess I do judge somewhat, but not on who or what you are, more on how you treat others. I agree that I am guilty of breaking many hearts and have had mine broken. One can change their mind, or grow apart, or learn with time that things are not right, these are just the spoils of love. I am happy to have had those experiences and the joy was worth the pain. But I am not happy to have connected with someone who sought to deceive me and changed the way that I look at love. This kind of deceit made me pause and distrust the one thing that I think makes life worth living; love. Never fear- I will heal and love again, I will be wiser for this love as well. I just hate walking through the pain of mistrust, confusion and betrayal that I am left with.

      • I am sorry that you are where you are now. It will get better. Time and distance

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